The Miralia PbP Campaign is hopefully going to start in a few days. Here is the introductory post for future players. This post may (and will) evolve as the campaign gets more defined, but the basics will remain.

The Campaign is basically a sandbox. It is not fully West-Marches style though; even though adventure awaits in the Darkwood, it can also be found in the homeland of Miralia.

The PCs will be junior members of the household of Sir Roger Gyfford, a minor noble of northern Miralia. Sir Gyfford is well into his fifties and has seven legitimate children in addition to a few bastards, so the PCs may be his younger children; they may also be nieces or nephews, or apprentices to his companions, or any similar backgrounds. They will start the campaign on their way north, towards the Darkwood and the war with the elves.


The Principalty of Miralia is the westernmost province of the Loracrian Empire. It lies on the northern banks of the Inlanis Sea, from the river Turm and the border with the Duchy of Tarris to the east, to the Arwik Mounts to the west. Beyond the Arwik Mounts is the Nethra Steppe, home of the Netherin nomads. To the north is the Darkwood, an elven territory which spreads further north to the Ezel Mounts and maybe beyond.

Miralia is a feudal principalty. It is governed by Prince Commens III who owes allegiance to the Emperor, and who rules over nine counts and a few dozens barons. A few barons are direct vassals to the Prince, but most of them actually serve the counts. These, in turn, have petty lords, castellans and knights as vassals. Important towns and cities exist outside of the feudal hierarchies, with local mayors or councils who answer directly to the Prince. Finally, the Church of Holy Grace owns large chunks of land where only church law applies, even though the Prince theoretically rules there as well.


Most denizens of Miralia are humans. A few Gnomes from the Arwik Mounts often travel through the Principalty, and they are generally well-received in human communities. The same goes for Dwarves from other parts of the Empire, but they are much rarer than the Gnomes.

A few Elves from the Darkwood live in Miralia, mostly in small villages and isolated communities. They have always been eyed with suspicion by the human population, and the current war often turns this suspicion into overt hostility.

Current events

There have long been a few humans settlements on the boundary of the Darkwood. Ten years ago, the Elves started killing logging parties that went into the forest; the situation has quickly devolved into war. No big battles were fought, but the Elves have been raiding the human borderland communities ever since.

This is currently the end of winter in the 11th year of the war. The fighting has stopped for winter, but as the weather gets better, elven raids should resume any day now.

Game system and house rules

The game system is Advanced Labyrinth Lord. Characters, spells or items from B/X or BECMI can be used as well.

Races and Classes

All standard classes (race-classes in LL-speak) are allowed, except Halflings.

In addition, you may use the following advanced classes: Druid, Illusionist, Paladin, Ranger. You may also play a Gnome.

If playing an Elf or a Dwarf, you can use the standard classes or you can opt for advanced race/class combos.

Advanced-style demi-humans may multiclass as described in Advanced Labyrinth Lord.

Hit points

Maximum hit points at level 1, roll twice and keep the best roll at level 2, use the standard rules thereafter.