• I am now running Tomb of Annihilation

    I have started running Tomb of Annihilation a few weeks ago.

  • AD&D: Magic-users in combat

    A long time ago, in a town far, far away (away from anywhere, trust me), I used to play BECMI, then AD&D. At the time, when playing a magic-user, especially at low level, combat basically went like this: you cast your few spells (usually Sleep, Magic Missile or Charm Person), then you switched to throwing daggers for the rest of the day.

  • Preparing for Tomb of Annihilation

    So, it looks like I will be running Tomb of Annihilation.

  • Handling difficulty for AD&D2 proficiencies

    I have always found proficiency checks in AD&D2 too easy.

  • Exploring Lurne: choosing a system

    Now I have a base setting for the Lurne campaign, I need to choose a system. Here are a few likely candidates.

  • Exploring Lurne: the premise

    Hi there! I have been silent for long but I’m still around.

  • The Altar of Chaos

    The Altar will probably be found in the ruins of an underground temple. In my campaign the place was dedicated to Tharizdun, but it would work with most lovecraftian entities, and maybe for some demon lords as well.

  • Freeing the Slaves

    We played this game on May 24th. I know I’m late with this post; I hope I will be faster next time. :-) The plot was largely player-generated; the players wanted to free the slaves from the silver mine, and they took the initiative.

  • The Tomb of Durak

    The PCs

  • The Pilgrims

    The PCs

  • On the Trail of Lady Bronwyn

    The PCs

  • My current D&D5 campaign

    I’d like to present some aspects of my campaign here, mostly NPCs. So I guess I should talk a big about my campaign world first.

  • The Dead God, part 1

    Please note, as this blog is new, this is my first play report but not the first game in the campaign. This is the first time the PCs have a glimpse who their enemy is, though.

  • D&D5: First impressions

    I have been playing D&D5 for something like five months now, even though I don’t play very often. Here are a few things that struck me; most of it is compared with third edition, as the basic d20 mechanics are quite close and it’s what I played most in not-so-ancient times.

  • First post

    Hey, welcome!

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