• Lore24 Week 3

    Another week in #lore24.

  • Lore24 Week 2

    I’m still posting #lore24 entries (almost) every day and experimenting with the blog format. I will try to post a weekly digest, see if it works better than daily entries.

  • Thime

    There is such a thing as the Underworld.

  • The Symbols

    If you find yourself in a remote dungeon complex, you may find a statue of a figure, probably a man, robed and hooded, with his right hand held up in front of him. His face is always hidden deep inside his hood.

  • The Black Obelisk

    There are quite a few artifacts around that hint at an old occupation of the country by the desert-dwelling nithians of old: headstones covered in hieroglyphs, small pyramids, this kind of things.

  • The Altars of Chaos

    I already wrote about the Altar of Chaos a few years back.

  • Penca

    Penca is a small city situated at the confluence of rivers Shutturga and Volaga. Population is around 5000 to 7000 people, with about 5 times more in the surrounding countryside.

  • Ontias Ilephtos

    Ontias Ilephtos was the last imperial vice-governor in Penca. Before that he was a very successful general.

  • Marta

    Don’t call Marta a hag.

  • Lore 24

    Since january 1st, I have been posting every day to the Fediverse as part of #lore24. I will start posting the same lore snippets here; probably not as regularly as over there, but I intend to eventually have a copy of all my entries here.

  • How's my campaign?

    Alex Schroeder has some questions about our campaigns. Here are the answers, first published as a thread on Mastodon.

  • Are wights scary?

    In my previous post I outlined a house rule about replacing max hit point reductions from undead with exhaustion. To be clear, this rule is untested, but I intend to use it fully in my next game sessions.

  • Making undead scarier in D&D 5e

    Back in the day, undead used to be scary. I mean, real scary, not the halloween-theme-park-scary you 5e youngsters know. They would steal experience levels from PCs, not just temporarily reduce their max hit points.

  • About rumour tables

    This post expands upon a toot I posted a few days ago.

  • Training time in D&D5

    Character progression in recent editions of D&D is just too fast.

  • Rest and healing in D&D 5e

    Now my current 5e campaign (Tomb of Annihilation) is almost over, I’m beginning to think about the next one. Here is how I will implement rest and healing:

  • Miralia Campaign -- a map

    Just a simple map of the area for the beginning of the campaign. The characters are soon to leave Haaven to join with Duke Claymore’s army at Fort Rotwald.

  • Miralia Campaign -- 20 rules questions

    Another list of 20 questions with answers, this time Brendan’s.

  • Miralia Campaign -- 20 setting questions

    Eight years ago, Jeff Rients posted a list of 20 questions to help define a campaign setting. Here are the answers for the Miralia campaign.

  • Miralia Campaign -- introduction

    The Miralia PbP Campaign is hopefully going to start in a few days. Here is the introductory post for future players. This post may (and will) evolve as the campaign gets more defined, but the basics will remain.

  • Losing XP with time

    Stephen at System sans Setting has posted an idea about PCs losing experience between campaigns. This sounds good; here is a slight variation on the same idea, aimed at D&D 5E (my current system of choice).

  • I am now running Tomb of Annihilation

    I have started running Tomb of Annihilation a few weeks ago.

  • AD&D: Magic-users in combat

    A long time ago, in a town far, far away (away from anywhere, trust me), I used to play BECMI, then AD&D. At the time, when playing a magic-user, especially at low level, combat basically went like this: you cast your few spells (usually Sleep, Magic Missile or Charm Person), then you switched to throwing daggers for the rest of the day.

  • Preparing for Tomb of Annihilation

    So, it looks like I will be running Tomb of Annihilation.

  • Handling difficulty for AD&D2 proficiencies

    I have always found proficiency checks in AD&D2 too easy.

  • Exploring Lurne: choosing a system

    Now I have a base setting for the Lurne campaign, I need to choose a system. Here are a few likely candidates.

  • Exploring Lurne: the premise

    Hi there! I have been silent for long but I’m still around.

  • The Altar of Chaos

    The Altar will probably be found in the ruins of an underground temple. In my campaign the place was dedicated to Tharizdun, but it would work with most lovecraftian entities, and maybe for some demon lords as well.

  • Freeing the Slaves

    We played this game on May 24th. I know I’m late with this post; I hope I will be faster next time. :-) The plot was largely player-generated; the players wanted to free the slaves from the silver mine, and they took the initiative.

  • The Tomb of Durak

    The PCs

  • The Pilgrims

    The PCs

  • On the Trail of Lady Bronwyn

    The PCs

  • My current D&D5 campaign

    I’d like to present some aspects of my campaign here, mostly NPCs. So I guess I should talk a big about my campaign world first.

  • The Dead God, part 1

    Please note, as this blog is new, this is my first play report but not the first game in the campaign. This is the first time the PCs have a glimpse who their enemy is, though.

  • D&D5: First impressions

    I have been playing D&D5 for something like five months now, even though I don’t play very often. Here are a few things that struck me; most of it is compared with third edition, as the basic d20 mechanics are quite close and it’s what I played most in not-so-ancient times.

  • First post

    Hey, welcome!

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