If you find yourself in a remote dungeon complex, you may find a statue of a figure, probably a man, robed and hooded, with his right hand held up in front of him. His face is always hidden deep inside his hood.

Many of these places have only one statue, some have more, although seldom more than three or four.

The statues are all in the same minimalistic style, almost abstract. They all feel ancient, even though some do look quite recent.

These are holy places, dedicated to the Symbols, a group of gods of knowledge and magic. They have no known name or even individual features, only the collective exists.

Most of the lone statues are self-contained shrines, the others are part of larger temples. Some of these places have been abandoned for a long time, while others are still active.

One of these places of worship that is currently in use lies under the ruined city of Krakatos. It is mostly a library where you can find knowledge if you bring some of your own as a gift. It is also protected by a rather vicious poltergeist, in case you don’t.